“I don’t have incontinence issues…Do I?”

Do I have Incontinence?

I don’t have incontinence issues…Do I?

Do you ever ask yourself this question?

If you answer YES to any of the below questions, you may have continence issues.

The great news is you CAN do something about it.

Incontinence is NOT something that you have to live with, nor is it a problem only seen in Older Woman.

In fact, did you know that more than 1 in 3 woman suffer from some form of incontinence in their lifetime?

Bladder and Bowel Leakage, also known as incontinence can affect anyone: Male, or Female, regardless of age, or if you have had children.

There are simple and effective ways to help REGAIN your bladder and bowel control, strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles and be able to live life without the fear of bladder leak
age. TensCare is here to help.

So here we go!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pelvic Floor Exercisers

I don’t think I can make it to the toilet in time!

  1. I often need to RUSH to make it to the toilet in time.
  2. I am frequently NERVOUS because I’m afraid I might lose control of my bladder or bowel.
  3. I wake up twice or more during the night to use the bathroom.
  4. I sometimes feel like I haven’t COMPLETELY emptied my bladder.
  5. I sometimes LEAK before I can make it to the toilet.
  6.  I sometimes LEAK when I lift something HEAVY.
  7. I sometimes LEAK when I play sport or exercise.
  8. I sometimes LEAK when I change from a SEATED or LYING position to a STANDING position.
  9. I need to STRAIN to empty by Bowel.
  10. I sometimes SOIL my underwear.
  11. I plan my daily routine around where the nearest toilet is.
  12. I sometimes LEAK when I SNEEZE or COUGH.
  13. I sometimes LEAK when I JUMP or RUN.
  14. The 1st thing I look for when I enter a room is where the closest bathroom is located.
  15. When I turn on the tap, I usually LEAK.
  16. I have accidents WITHOUT warning.
  17. I can’t travel because I have to STOP so often.


If you answered YES to ANY of the questions above, you may have continence issues.

It is always best to seek advise from your healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

TensCare is here to help. Performing Pelvic Floor Exercises, also known as Kegal exercises can help you strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles. Our range of TENS Pelvic Floor Exercisers, used in conjunction with your Kegal exercises can also help to strengthen those muscles and with regular use, maintain the strength to reduce or even avoid accidents and leakage all together. To find out more about our range go to www.tenscare.com.au

 You can also check out our blog post about Urinary Incontinence, which explains the different types and possible causes of each type of incontinence.

For advise on your particular condition, it is always best to speak with your healthcare professional or contact the Continence Foundation of Australia