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TensCare perfect BEAUTY (EMS Device)

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Product Description

The perfect BEAUTY is an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) device used for body toning and shaping, as well as for the reduction of wrinkles.

Body shaping and toning: bespoke programs dedicated to each specific area of the body: face, abs, buttocks & hips, thighs, bust, arms and calves.

Reduction of wrinkles: lifts and/or tightens the soft tissues of the face, improving facial muscle tone and reducing the signs of ageing.

  • Suitable for consumer use
  • Specifically designed for body toning and shaping, as well as for the reduction of wrinkles
  • Drug-free
  • Dual channel stimulation
  • 8 specifically designed programs:
    •  Facial quick tone; facial deep tone; abdominal; buttocks & hips; thighs; bust/pectorals; arms; calves
  • Unique electrode pads:
  • Comfortable stimulation- up to 90 small steps of intensity
  • Memory- features 3 functions: program retention (automatically starts in the last program used), number of uses and time of usage
  • Open circuit detection- if electrode pads not correctly connected intensity will reset to zero
  • LCD backlit screen
  • Portable carry case, detachable belt clip

Do not use with any electronic medical devices e.g. pacemaker; or if you have a heart rhythm problem; if you have, in the area being treated: active or suspected cancer; or have undiagnosed pain with a history of cancer; if you have poor sensation if you are or may be pregnant.

Caution should be used if you have suspected or diagnosed epilepsy. Consult your healthcare professional before use if you have undiagnosed pain or have had recent surgery in the area being treated.

Instruction Manuals

perfect Beauty Instruction Manual

Package Contents

The pack contains:
• 1 x Perfect BEAUTY multi-purpose muscle stimulator and body toner
• 2 x Lead wires (L-CPT)
• 4 x 50×50 mm electrode pads (E-CM5050)
• 4 x 30×50 mm face electrode pads (E-CM3050)
• 2 x AA 1.5V alkaline batteries
• 1 x Detachable belt clip
• 1 x Storage pouch
• 1 x Instructions for use

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