Pelvic Floor Exerciser Electrode Pads (CM5050)


  • Reusable, self-adhesive skin surface electrode pads for use with TensCare’s range of Pelvic Floor Exercisers for Urge Incontinence. Also used for Tibial Nerve Stimulation for the relief of Detrusor Instability with the Sure PRO Pelvic Floor Exerciser. Replacement pads for perfect TENS & Beauty Devices.
  • Compatible with: K-ELISE, K-ITS, K-SP, K-PFE-MAN, K-PERFECT, K-PBEAUTY

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Product Description

**If you are wanting to claim a rebate on this product, please contact your Health Insurance Company prior to purchasing to see if online purchases are eligible, as we are not a Healthcare Provider.


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