Drug-free Period Pain Relief.

Chronic period pain such as that associated with Endometriosis, can be debilitating to sufferers.

Most find themselves relying on medication such as Codeine to get them through the day.




Codeine use can be harmful

Most Australians are unaware that over-the-counter medicines containing codeine for pain relief offer very little additional benefit when compared with medicines without codeine. The use […]

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What is TENS & How Does it Work?

What is it?

TENS Unit with Electrodes

TENS stands for:


TENS is used as a […]

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Mens Incontinence

There are two main types of prostatectomies: Subtotal prostatectomy When only part of the prostate is removed. Simple prostatectomies are typically only done for benign conditions. Radical prostatectomy Is the removal of the prostate gland, part of the urethra and the seminal vesicles, glands located close by that store semen. For more aggressive cancer, the adjacent lymph glands may also be removed (pelvic lymph node dissection).
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A common myth! Men don’t have a pelvic floor

Men do have pelvic floor muscles.

A man’s pelvic floor muscles support his bladder and bowel (colon)

Pelvic floor muscles help to control the bladder and bowel. They can also help sexual function. It is vital to keep your pelvic floor muscles strong

Men of all ages need to have strong pelvic floor muscles.

These muscles can even be trained […]

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Bewetters enter Australian Politics

Maybe we should send some “Childrens” bedwetting alarms up to Canberra.

An interesting use of words for grown up to use.

“There were a lot of bedwetters in the Liberal Party and you seem to be the captain of the bedwetters,” Jones taunted James McGrath, the numbers man for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull”

“I’m sure between now and […]

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Vulvodynia is persistent, unexplained pain in the vulva, which is the skin surrounding the vagina. The sensation of burning and soreness of the vulva can be continuous (unprovoked vulvodynia), or on light touch, e.g. Tampon use (provoked vulvodynia). Although the condition is persistent and without an obvious cause, there are steps which can be taken […]

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