About Us

TensCare Ltd has evolved since its conception in 1994.

We credit this success with the ability to meet the needs of our customers, combined with our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing devices that meet their needs.

With a team committed to continuous research and development at the heart of TensCare, our latest range of TENS machines have been designed with a distinctly modern look and feel – benefitting from the most advanced digital TENS technology available. This ongoing programme of research and development ensures that the company’s portfolio of products remain market leaders.

TensCare sell through Retail Pharmacies, online, and export to over 40 countries worldwide.

In addition, our customer service team provides the highest level of customer care with expert knowledge of every one of our products, and are always available to offer free, confidential advice.

Australian owned

Who Is JA Davey

Operating in the retail sector, primarily in Pharmacy, Grocery, Office Supplies channels, along with Hardware, Outdoor/Sporting Stores and the Photographic industry, privately owned Australian Distributor JA Davey Pty Ltd (JAD) has built a highly successful product distribution network throughout Australia and New Zealand. JAD act as the exclusive Australian agents, importers and distributors for a number of well-known international manufacturers such as Dai Nippon Printing, Mitsubishi Pencil (uni-ball), Omron Healthcare, Otifleks and LifeStraw. JA Davey have been trading in Australia since 1938, and since then has grown to include offices in all states of Australia as well as in New Zealand with a head office in Port Melbourne, Victoria. Though different industries have been engaged and distributed to, at its core, JAD have always retained a core functionality: the importation and distribution of products to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Why Us

JA Davey Pty Ltd is committed to supporting the brands they represent with a full national sales representative and merchandising team on ground level, along with marketing and sales support at a national Head Office level, based in Melbourne and at each of our state offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Auckland.

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